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There are dozens of important factors involved in recording a flawless Wedding video that will become a cherished reminder of your special day.  In our free Guide, 6 Steps To Capturing The Perfect Wedding Video, you'll learn the insider secrets of creating a beautiful Wedding video you'll be delighted to share with your family and friends forever...

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Your Wedding Has A Unique Story...

As a couple planning to marry, you have a unique story, dreams, and desires. Together we can create a beautiful Wedding video that shares the story of your love for each other, and will become a lasting reminder of the journey you'll take together as you celebrate your special day.

We will work with you before, during and after your wedding to create a professional, high quality video that you will cherish forever. Your Wedding video will allow you to re-live the day of your marriage with family and friends over and over again.

You'll get everything other Wedding Videographers charge you extra for as standard inclusions in our value-packed packages...

Here's what you can expect when you choose us to capture every important moment of your Wedding day:

-- I'll personally attend your pre-wedding rehearsal so we can get to know each other, and so I can plan everything I need to record your Wedding celebration. While everyone else charges for this service, I include it for free because it actually helps me to plan and create a better Wedding video for you. Travel to and from your Wedding rehearsal is also included free of charge.

-- Then I'll work closely with the bride and groom and members of both families, your wedding planner and everybody else involved in planning and holding your wedding to capture the entire occasion in high definition video, regardless of the number of hours required. You'll never be expected to pay extra for "additional hours" like you will with other Videographers. And travel to, from, and between venues on your Wedding day is also included in the standard package.

-- I'll then take all the time required to edit every minute of video footage (editing can often take 25-40 hours) into a beautiful, 60 to 90 minute Wedding video that shares the story of your love for each other. Your video will become a memorable, lasting reminder of the journey you took together as you celebrated your special day.

-- Your High Definition Wedding video will be delivered to you on a quality USB Flash Drive, along with TWO additional copies of that Flash Drive - one for the parents of the bride, and one for the parents of the groom. You won't be charged up to $35 for each additional USB Drive copy like you will from most other Videographers. All three copies of your video on USB are included in our standard package.

-- You'll also receive THREE copies of a 4 to 7 minute 'Highlights Reel' which will share the most memorable moments of your Wedding day in a shorter, more succinct format. This video is ideal for uploading to YouTube so you can easily share it with family and friends worldwide.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with capturing your Wedding celebration on video, call Rachel on 0418 417 611 and I'll be happy to chat with you.

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